The new KTi SafetyAlert aviation compliant emergency beacon is compact, fast and reliable. It’s an emergency global rescue link that offers worldwide coverage for those that want who want peace of mind while flying or enjoying any other outdoor activities.


This new model 406 MHz KTi SafetyAlert harnesses the more accurate 406MHz satellite frequency to deliver pinpoint accuracy and fast rescue response times. The KTi SafetyAlert also offers a class leading 10 year life from its LIFe battery. The KTI SafetyAlert PLB is GPS equipped for no extra cost with a optimum location accuracy of 3.0 metres. A photo flash type LED is also built in to assist ground rescue.


It is now a CASA legal requirement for pilots to carry a non life expired emergency beacon in aircraft that operate more than 50nm from their departure airport. Custom carry case included. Size: 88mm x 31mm, weight 140g.

Kit Safety Alert Emergency Beacon

$345.00 Regular Price
$269.00Sale Price
  • Factory specifications:

    Battery 10 year operational life, 20 year shelf life.

    Size: 88mm x 31mm, Weight 140g,