Junior on Floats

The strut-braced baby of the TOPAZ is called the JUNIOR.


For flying schools its a practical trainer and for private operators, its a great aircraft designed just for fun. Although slower with less range than the TOPAZ it is still a great entry-level sports aircraft available for purchase at a lower price.


The JUNIOR above is used for tourist flights on the Island of Maldives. The JUNIOR has not yet obtained a certificate allowing operations in Australia/New Zealand (pending approval). 


If you have an interest in owning a JUNIOR please contact us about obtaining further information.


AirSports at Riddells Creek Airfield, 0422-446622, located about 25 km north-west of Melbourne.


Topaz Sales 

Australia & New Zealand


Hangar 4 

Riddells Creek Airfield

280 Websters Road, Clarkefield

Victoria 3431 Australia


Call : 0422 446622


please contact us for details


email : mail@goflying.com.au

web : www.airsports.net

web : www.flytopaz.com



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