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“Fly Higher, Faster, Further

in Quiet Comfort.”


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Topaz sport aircraft flying in Australia

“Up to 120kts cruise, 17:1 glide, 1500 fpm climb”

TOPAZ light sport aircraft
Topaz LSA tail view

“Beautifully finished, superb to fly”

TOPAZ aircraft instrument panel

"The best, pilot friendly, sport aircraft ever made."

Life is a beach, Topaz aircraft costal |


 Sports Aircraft 

The TOPAZ is a certified, European designed, factory made, light sport aircraft (LSA). AirSports Flying School is the Australian and New Zealand importer and distributor for the TOPAZ sport aircraft. We offer aircraft, both new and almost new, as well as training and equipment for the TOPAZ. Further TOPAZ information is available under the VIDEO, INFO & DETAILS pages on this website (see above).



BUY A NEW TOPAZ $175,500 AU* 


Own a brand new TOPAZ sport aircraft for a great price.

*Based on European fly away base price, with some free upgrades included.  

Prices are subject to change, quoted ex Europe at .64 exchange rate, 

plus delivery ex Europe, CofA and GST. 

Before you buy, or start learning, take a trial flight
FLY A TOPAZ - $330
A 50 min, no obligation, Topaz Trial Instructional Flight. 

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Pilot a TOPAZ with the guidance of an AirSports flight instructor. All flying counts towards the issue of a Pilot certificate or a General Aviation converting pilot endorsement.


Why not make a flight booking today? Call us on 0422-446622. Any flight leading to an aircraft purchase will, of course, be refunded. We offer full pilot certificate training, for zero to hero, all ages and all experience levels. We fly in the beautiful Mount Macedon area located north-west of Melbourne, Victoria.


Just want to learn to fly? For further flight training information see our website at

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